ECHO was established to help provide for the spiritual and tangible needs of children in care.

Children are removed every day from their homes due to abuse and neglect. Almost always they arrive at a new home with only the clothes on their backs. We are a 501c3 nonprofit designed to help provide for the tangible needs of these children through our many Echo Shops as well as work within the community to strengthen the system of support. 

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We want you to join our campain for 250 partners at $25 a month to meet our goal of $75,000 to cover our overall operations, continue to provide first night bags for children entering foster care and building bunkbeds to keep sibling groups together.

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Join our Echo Family and start serving children in your area.
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Partner with us to help create & sustain a thriving system of support.
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New or Like New Items

We accept donations for children ages newborn to 18 years old. The quality of the items we share with our children reflects the value we place on them. You can help restore dignity and build confidence by giving your best. Everything we present to all our children is free of charge. 

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How We Are Impacting Our Communties

Children served in February

98 Children
23 Children
11 Children
86 Children
43 Children